Benchmarks for Excellence in Sunday School Teaching, Part 2

Sunday 2nd November, 2008

In Part 1, I mentioned that revolutionary Sunday School teachers desire more than to do a good job. Like Olympic athletes, they want to give their best! They know that God deserves no less. And the people for whom God sent His Son to die with whom He has made us shepherd-stewards deserve no less.

In order to give our best, the first step is to identify benchmarks or standards for excellence for your teaching. Last time, I mentioned a list developed by Matt Capps in blog post entitled Ten Principles for Effective Teaching in the Church. In Part 1, I shared the first three principles. In Part 2, I will share the next three principles in all capitals followed by my commentary:

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (from poor to excellent) for each of these three areas of teaching effectiveness. How did you score on each of these? Where do you need to invest more time and energy in order to give your best? What is your first step? In Part 3, we will examine the final four principles: effective teachers (7) consider how each learner learns, (8) know the material, (9), are students of teaching, and (10) effective biblical teaching is text driven. Involve learners. Take advantage of your learning space. And take time to assess learners' needs. Strive for life-change. Strive for impact. Be revolutionary!

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