Four Stumbling Blocks for Sunday School Growth, Part 2

Saturday 8th November, 2008

In Part 1, I mentioned that there are a number of issues that can be stumbling blocks which contribute toward plateaued or declining Sunday School attendance. In my work with three churches in three states, I discovered four stumbling blocks in common. It is possible that it is coincidental that they shared them, but I don't think that is the case. In Part 1, I shared the first two stumbling blocks: poor records and no prospect files. In Part 2, I will share the final two stumbling blocks:

How are you doing in these two areas? Does one need some attention in order to remove it as a stumbling block? What can you do this month to address this issue? What is the first step? Who needs to be involved? Go back to the two issues in Part 1 (poor records and no prospect files). Which of these four stumbling blocks should be your priority for action? Evaluate your Sunday School growth. What are the challenges and barriers you face? Pray. Work to remove them. Grow. Be revolutionary!

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