Shifting from Boring to Exciting in Sunday School

Friday 9th November, 2007

Have you started to hear comments about your class being boring? Do the attenders doze off during class? Do you doze off? Then it is time to add some pizzazz to your class. It is time to shake it up. It is time to shift from boring to exciting Sunday School!

This is a topic that needs to be addressed in many classes. If you have had success in making this move in your class, please press the Comments button below and share your experience. You may be able to help others to join you by making the shift!

There are hundreds of ways to move from boring to exciting. In fact, the methods are probably as numerous as the number of classes that exist. Consider a few of the following ways to shift from boring to exciting Sunday School:

  • pray for God's leadership and blessing on the Sunday morning encounter with God;
  • prepare well;
  • send out invitations to regular attenders, absentees, and prospects;
  • develop a theme for the day;
  • decorate the room;
  • promote next week's lesson;
  • call everyone on  Saturday night to ask them to read the scripture passage;
  • prepare food;
  • rearrange the chairs;
  • divide the group into smaller groups for part of the lesson;
  • bring an object lesson;
  • ask the youth to prepare a drama related to the lesson;
  • meet in another room;
  • meet outside;
  • do the unexpected;
  • write a question on the board;
  • place an assignment in their chairs;
  • give away prizes for answering questions or participating;
  • ask members to do some research;
  • make assignments the week before and call for reports;
  • use pictures, maps, or charts;
  • use overhead or PowerPoint;
  • show a video clip (1-3 minute relevant portion of a movie);
  • ask a thought-provoking question (which require more than yes/no or one-word answers);
  • share a thought-provoking illustration or story related to the lesson;
  • use icebreakers (see Using Icebreakers Purposefully in Sunday School/Small Groups);
  • pair off to share prayer requests and pray together;
  • share personal testimonies;
  • divide into half and give each group a debate assignment;
  • provide paper and ask attenders to write down answers to one or more questions (like, What are five things you are thankful for?)
  • invite a guest speaker for all or part of the lesson;
  • ask the group to share what they can do to apply the truth of the lesson;
  • make plans as a group to go somewhere to practice the truth of the lesson;
  • give them art supplies and ask them to illustrate what the lesson or truth means;
  • and lots, lots more!

It all depends on the first two in the list. Spend time with God in prayer and Bible study. Prepare well. God is worth it. The class is worth it. Make a difference. Don't allow another week to be boring. Make every lesson exciting. Get the class involved. Be revolutionary!

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