Reasons to Teach Sunday School

Tuesday 13th November, 2007

There are lots and lots of reasons to teach Sunday School. Some of them are more important than others, but  all of them are important! Why are you teaching? Consider the following reasons. Are your reasons listed? If not press the Comments button below and leave your reasons for others who will follow you in reading this blog entry.

Which of the following reasons are why you are teaching Sunday School?

  • God told you to do so
  • you are God-called
  • you have been gifted to do so
  • you have experiences, abilities, and the personality that God wants use
  • God has given experiences you need to share
  • the class needs you
  • because you teach, you will grow more as a disciple
  • you are concerned about the age group (preschoolers, children, youth, or adults)
  • you have a passion to teach
  • you love digging into the Word of God and sharing it
  • you love to shepherd people
  • you love to organize people to carry out the Great Commission
  • you love to connect with new people
  • you love to make home visits and calls
  • you need to give away what God, your parents, and others have given to you
  • you love to teach people to obey Jesus's commands
  • the pay is good (it's out of this world)
  • it takes more people to care for more people
  • you love a good challenge
  • you love to make a difference in people's lives
  • you want to raise the next generation of leaders
  • you know how important Sunday School is to keeping people connected to the church, growing as disciples, and mobilized into ministry/service
  • you enjoy seeing people reach out in ministry to needs
  • you will become more deeply involved in the church and the Lord's ministry
  • you want to create a welcoming environment for unbelievers
  • you want to influence the direction of many lives.

In addition to this list, I want to recommend you read a blog entry entitled Why Do You Teach Sunday School. While many of the reasons listed there are focused on teaching children's Sunday School, they can help you to think of even more reasons. Why do you teach? Pray and invite an apprentice to join you in the task. Share the reasons you are teaching. Be revolutionary!

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