Promotional Tools for Sunday School: Don’t Keep It to Yourself!

Thursday 20th November, 2008

Without a doubt, one of the best promotional tools for Sunday School is a "satisfied customer." What I mean is that when Sunday School attenders are involved, growing, and impacting the lives of others through their classes, they are going to tell the story. They are going to invite others. They are going to promote their classes.

I have written about that side of promotion in previous blog posts about the Sunday School testimony. Check out the following posts: Sunday School Testimony: Powerful Revolutionary Tool, Explosive Sunday School Growth, Invitation to Sunday School, Increasing Sunday School Class Attendance, Part 3, Ideal Behaviors of an Adult Sunday School Member, Part 1, Sunday School at Work During the Other 167 Hours, Part 1, and Top Ten Actions to Increase Sunday School Attendance. And check out the following posts about invitations to Sunday School: Personal Invitations Are Needed and Still Work!, When Pastors Attend Sunday School/Small Groups, It Is Contagious!, Christmas Invitation to Sunday School, and Invitation to Sunday School.

But there are many ways to promote Sunday School beyond a testimony and personal invitation. One of them is pulpit promotion. For more information, check out this post: Pulpit Sunday School Promotion. There are many things that pastors, staff, and Sunday School directors/leaders can do before, during, and following worship that can make increase the value and visibility of Sunday School classes to those who are not currently attending. Along with pulpit promotion, consider the possibility of putting together a promotional brochure about Sunday School. Here are some suggestions: Company’s Coming: Writing a Promotional Piece to Attract Sunday School Guests for a Second Visit.

For a few more ideas about promoting Sunday School check out the following blog entries:

One of the most comprehensive lists I have ever seen for Sunday School promotional ideas can be found on the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod website in an article entitled Ideas for Promoting Sunday School. I would challenge you to gather your Sunday School leadership team to brainstorm ideas for promoting Sunday School and then share the article. Narrow your list and their list to a dozen great ideas. Then, get out a calendar and consider ways to implement a few of those ideas in the course of the next twelve months. Don't keep knowledge about the greatness of Sunday School and of our Lord to yourself. Share it. Be revolutionary!

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