Offer a Gift of Encouragement to Your Sunday School Teachers and Workers

Saturday 22nd November, 2008

I have used the word "encouragement" in 59 separate blog posts. That is an indication of the its importance in the work of Sunday School. It is in nearly 1/10 of my blog entries!

Encouragement comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be . . .

  • listening to hurts and comfort for grief,
  • a pat on the back,
  • words of affirmation for a job well done,
  • a handwritten card or letter,
  • a gift,
  • a phone call on a birthday, anniversary, or significant day,
  • words of challenge that help us to keep going,
  • a smile, and
  • a helping hand during a moment of busyness.

Timing can be significant in encouragement. Thanking someone for something they did two years ago can be meaningful if the benefit was only realized during that period of time. Frequently, however, encouragement at the moment of the need, encounter, or experience is more significant. Stop "thinking about" offering encouragement and "do it."

Sunday School teachers spend scores (and even hundreds) of hours each year preparing and presenting lessons. They invest in relationships with attenders and their families. They lead the class to fellowship, serve, and minister. The Holy Spirit frequently uses them to grow us into the disciples we need to be in order to impact our world. Other workers, likewise, spend scores of hours each year supporting class and Sunday School ministry.

They deserve our encouragement. They deserve our support and affirmation. What will you do this month to express your appreciation to your teachers and workers? Focus on a reason to encourage. Consider a way to express your encouragement. Invite others to join you in your expression. When is the right moment to share your encouragement? Don't let the right moment get away. Be revolutionary!

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