Revolutionary Sunday School Does Care

Tuesday 5th December, 2006

Revolutionary Sunday School happens more between Sundays than it does on Sunday morning. Prayerful preparation takes place. Outreach efforts occur. Lives are touched through church and community service by class members. Fellowship happens.


Because attenders care about each other, they also mobilize to meet the needs of class attenders and others. I have seen this personally in the last six weeks. At the end of October, my Sunday School class mobilized to rake leaves of an elderly woman who physically did not need to do so herself. Unfortunately, I had a commitment in another city that Saturday, but there was much fun and relationship that happened in the midst of the work. Those that participated were all smiles as they told stories of the morning the next day in class.

Last week, we rushed one of my sons to the emergency room complaining of chest pain. Apparently, an infection had affected his heart. Class members were alerted by e-mail to pray for us. Class members came by to pray and care. When we took our son home from the hospital on the third day, different families in the class brought food to the house over the next four days. One of the husbands did the cooking for the Thursday delivery. Do you think we felt like the class cared for us? Do you think the experience made us appreciate our class? Do you think our relationship with the class was strengthened? Absolutely times three!

What is your class care quotient? How does your class respond when there is a crisis in the life of an attender? What is the response when a ministry opportunity is presented? Does compassion produce action? Do needs produce mobilization? Sometimes leadership and organization are needed to take steps in response to needs. If it is everyone's job to lead, then nothing may be done. Make sure someone is in charge of leading the class to respond in these times. Be revolutionary in caring. Don't just think about it. Do it!

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