Multiply the Potential Impact of Your Sunday School Class Christmas Party

Friday 5th December, 2008

I have mentioned Christmas in 17 previous blog entries. They have ranged from Christmas Invitation to Sunday School to a more humorous approach in As a Sunday School Teacher, You Might Be Unprepared for Christmas If . . . and from Sunday School Fellowship: More Than Food and Fun to Ways Sunday School Can Help Increase Baptisms and from Ideas for Sunday School’s Ministry to Homebound Adults to Launch New Sunday School Classes on Special Occasions Like Father’s Day.

In Christmas Invitation to Sunday School, my emphasis was on inviting guests to Jesus' birthday party. I encouraged inviting guests to your home, to your class fellowship, to class, to a special program, and to worship during this season. I encourage you to check out that blog entry as we approach Christmas. I concluded that post by writing:

I think Jesus would be happy that you invited people for whom He died to His party! Jesus always seemed to enjoy a party with tax collectors and sinners.

I want to add to the thoughts in that post. I want to challenge you to be a revolutionary Sunday School class who multiplies the impact of what you do. What do I mean? Here is a good example: stop planning your Christmas party for only your regular attenders. A lot of planning and effort goes into preparing for a great class party. Why not add a little to the efforts with the potential for great additional impact. Here are some beginning suggestions:

  • "require" your members to invite guests to your Christmas party; if possible, pay their way; tell the Christmas story; get to know them; love them to worship and class attendance; love them to Jesus;
  • invite absentees to your Christmas party; some need an excuse to re-enter the relationships of your class;
  • invite church members not enrolled in Sunday School to your Christmas party; help them to see how fun your group is; invite them to continue the relationship in class;
  • invite in-service members to your Christmas party; invite those who are serving in other places in your Sunday School (preschool, children, youth teachers/workers and general Sunday School leaders) who would be in your class if they were not serving elsewhere; their ministry is important; love on and encourage them;
  • change your party into an outreach project; reach out to daycare workers, school teachers/administration, nursing home workers, policemen, firemen, or other group; throw a party for them and watch as your group has even more fun they if it was for themselves;
  • change your party into a ministry project; bring in needy children and families and provide food and gifts for them;
  • ask your class to bring gifts to your Christmas party to be given to an organization which will help needy people.

What else have you done to multiply the potential impact of your Christmas party or activity? Share your experiences below by pressing the Comments button. This is a special season of the year, but every day is a special day for touching others for Jesus. Invite. Care. Give. Laugh. Celebrate. Be revolutionary!

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