Pray, Plan, and Prepare to Teach Sunday School for Lives to Change, Part 2

Monday 8th December, 2008


In Part 1, I stated that it is God in His Word who has the power to change lives. And lives do need to be changed! People need to encounter the God of the Bible. Imagine the results! What can Sunday School teachers do to join God for life change that is so much needed?

In Part 1, I mentioned that I like what Rodney Pry has to say in an article entitled Does Sunday School Really Make a Difference? Pry offers four essentials for lessons leading to life change. All of these essentials must be immersed in prayer. The final two of Pry's four essentials are listed in all capitals followed by my commentary:

Where does your teaching effort need adjustment? Review Part 1. Which of these four essentials is in need of a strengthening effort? What can you do this week to address that essential? Define your objective. Center on the Bible. Help them use the Bible. Get them involved actively in learning God's truth. Be revolutionary!

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