Have You Tried Intergenerational Sunday School?

Friday 14th December, 2007

I was asked to lead a Sunday School conference after worship in a church in eastern Kentucky. Normally, I arrive in plenty of time to set up as much as I can before Sunday School so I can attend a Sunday School class. That Sunday was the first of the month, so they were doing intergenerational (age groups--children through adult--in classes together) Sunday School that week. I enjoyed meeting with a fairly large class that met in the Sanctuary. I found the interaction and involvement between the generations fascinating.

This church had seen a need for more intergenerational interaction and addressed it once a month in Sunday School. Does your church offer an opportunity in its schedule for all generations from young to old to interact and learn from one another? If not, intergenerational Sunday School once a month might be a way to do so. Consider some of benefits of such an effort:

  • strengthens communication in families;
  • applies God's Word to lives at every stage;
  • allows mentoring relationships to form between generations;
  • helps each generation to see wisdom in other generations;
  • builds respect;
  • helps all generations to see benefits brought to Kingdom work by the entire body, young and old;
  • allows families to have "homework" to work on together;
  • gives extra incentive for children to invite parents and vice versa as well as other family members;
  • helps all ages to study the same passage of scripture;
  • helps some adults realize their need to be in Sunday School;
  • helps parents take steps to assume more of the role of discipling their children;
  • enables service projects and fellowships to be planned for strengthening relationships between the generations;
  • exposes attenders to prayer requests of different age groups;
  • and much more!

What other benefits have you realized from efforts you have undertaken? Tell about your experience. Pray about the possibility of this experience or a similar one in your church or Sunday School. Follow the Lord's leadership. Be revolutionary!

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