As a Sunday School Teacher, You Might Be Unprepared for Christmas If . . .

Saturday 15th December, 2007

More than a year ago, I wrote a post entitled As a Teacher, You Might Be Unprepared If . . .. It was a humorous look at ways you can tell that a Sunday School teacher has not prepared for the group experience. It was done in the fashion of Jeff Foxworthy's You Might Be a Redneck comedy routine.

As we approach the season during which we celebrate our Lord's birth, it is important to pause to appreciate the joy that our Lord and His birth brought to the world! It is in that vein that I offer these bits of attempted humor.

As a teacher, you might be unprepared for Christmas if . . .

  • you keep forgetting to announce the class Christmas party.
  • you cannot remember what books of the Bible have accounts of Jesus' birth.
  • on the Sunday before Christmas you are still asking your class for ideas for what to buy your spouse.
  • you keep talking about the "three wise guys."
  • unlike previous years, the week before Christmas you still have not decorated the classroom.
  • on the Sunday before Christmas, in response to members handing you gifts, you say, "Thanks, but what's this for?"
  • you plan a month-long Bible series about end times during December.
  • you keep referring to the gifts of the wise men as "golf, frankenstein, and smurf."
  • you book a flight to Cancun during Christmas week without asking anyone to substitute in your class.
  • you keep referring to the mother of Jesus as "the Virginia Mary."
  • on the Sunday before Christmas, you finally remember to announce the collection for the class mission project to provide Christmas presents for a needy family.
  • on the Sunday before Christmas, you show the movie Hoosiers to talk about the importance of teamwork in the body of Christ.
  • early in December you suggest the class plan a fellowship on the 25th and cannot figure out why few agree to participate.
  • you keep complaining because the curriculum writers planned a lesson on the fourth Sunday of December that has nothing to do with the Unit series of lessons.
  • on the Sunday before Christmas, you complain about how early Chrismas music is on the radio, in the stores, in restaurants, and in worship.
  • you comment about last week's Easter lesson.
Take time to remember the humbleness of our Lord's birth. Give Him praise and thanks. Read the accounts of our Lord's birth in Matthew and Luke. Read it in your devotions. Read it to your class. Read it to your family. Invite people to Sunday School. Be prepared for Christmas. Be full of joy during this season of celebration of our Lord's birth. Be revolutionary!

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