Sunday School at Work During the Other 167 Hours, Part 1

Tuesday 25th December, 2007

Sunday School is not a program that happens only one hour per week. Sunday School is a ministry with people that takes place 168 hours each week. There are no bounds that say that ministry, relationships, outreach, teaching-learning, encounters with God, etc. all have to take place on Sunday. In fact, they should not be limited!

Allow me to make a suggestion for the coming year. Stretch your class! Look for ways to extend the ministry and work of your class beyond the walls of the class and beyond the Sunday morning experience. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Consider some of the following in Part 1 and in Part 2, and then come up with your own. Don't try to implement too many at once or you may overwhelm your class, but do try to stretch them this year. Consider the following in the important Sunday School areas of responsibility of evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship:

In Part 2, we will add two more areas of responsibility for the Sunday School: ministry and worship. How can you lead your class to stretch this year? Pray. Challenge. Hold them accountable. Check on progress. Then challenge them some more. Be revolutionary!

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