Sunday School New Year’s Resolutions

Tuesday 26th December, 2006


The beginning of the Sunday School is not the only time when commitments and goals for revolutionary Sunday School can be made. Why not considering challenging each Sunday School class to pray about and make Sunday School resolutions on the first Sunday of the new year? Here are but a few examples of possible resolutions your classes might make:

  • NEW CLASSES.  (1) Pray for and sponsor the start of a new class. (2) Train an apprentice to teach a new class. (3) Invite prospects for a new class.
  • ENROLLMENT/ATTENDANCE INCREASE. (1) Set God-sized goals to increase enrollment and attendance. (2) Increase your invitations weekly. (3) Make more contacts weekly.
  • MINISTER TO NEEDS.  (1) Enlist leaders and start care groups. (2) Add associate members (who are teaching younger ages) to your list. (3) Lead the class to decide on a plan of action when class members are hospitalized, grieving, etc.
  • ASSIMILATE MEMBERS.  (1) Provide an Encourager for all new Christians to help them get started well. (2) Wear name tags. (3) Call all members and prospects on Saturday night each week.
  • GROWING AS DISCIPLES.  (1) Read the Bible through this year. (2) Read the lesson each week. (3) Set up accountability partners.
  • SERVING OTHERS.  (1) Challenge the whole class to find a place of service in the church and/or community. (2) Plan quarterly service projects. (3) Pray about human needs in the church and community.

Pray. Open your ears, minds, and hearts. Give your class to God. Give yourself to God. Make some resolutions to God and each other. Hold each other accountable to keep your resolutions. Watch as God honors your efforts to make your Sunday School revolutionary!

Have you made any of these or other Sunday School resolutions? Share with future readers by pressing the comments button below and leaving your resolutions or leaving your results if your resolution was made in a previous year! Be an encouragement to others.

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