For What Is Your Sunday School Known?

Thursday 28th December, 2006


Think about the title question. What is your answer? If you don't have an answer, that should tell you something.

Consider the question proactively. For what do you want your Sunday School to be known? Do you want to be known for great teaching? for positive accountability which reinforces growth in spiritual disciplines? for having fun together? for friendliness? for ministering to people in time of need? for leading people to meet God in Bible study? for giving everybody a responsibility? for great Bible knowledge?

What would it take for your Sunday School to get there? How will you gain buy-in? How can you increase vision and motivation for excellence? What training is needed? What actions need to take place? How will you measure your efforts and progress? What resources are needed? How can you make your aspiration for Sunday School become an infection that spreads?

In an article entitled, First Things First, Howard Hendricks tells about visiting a church that was known for its strength of fellowship. When Howard asked the pastor why, he said, "It's very simple. You can't get in and out of this church without somebody inviting you to lunch." How did the church get there? One person at a time. One invitation at a time. One testimony about what happened at a time. Encouragement. Snowball: one couple bought lunch for another couple who joined and bought lunch for another couple who...

For what do you want your Sunday School to be known? How will you get it started or build even more on your good start? I have seen many great Sunday School ideas and intentions fail because leaders give up too soon. Sometimes it is due to laziness. Sometimes it is change of leaders. Sometimes it is boredom accompanied with jumping from one new idea to another. Be excellent. Get known. Be revolutionary!

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