Four Tools for Growing Your Sunday School Class, Part 2

Friday 30th January, 2009

In Part 1, I shared some blog entries dealing with Sunday School growth which included this series: Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 1. Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 2, Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 3, Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 4, Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 5, and Sunday School Class Growth Is Spelled W-O-R-K, Part 6. I shared about an article written by Josh Hunt which is entitled How to Get Teachers to Double. In that article he shared and illustrated four actions classes have taken to grow. In Part 1, I shared the first two of his four tools. In Part 2, I will share the final two of his tools in all capitals followed by my commentary:

  • REPETITION. One failure I see in so many Sunday Schools is failing to remind classes and leaders about revolutionary Sunday School actions. In other words, there will be an emphasis on outreach, and classes will talk about it and work on it for a few weeks. Leaders get tired of saying the same things over and over again. They fear the people will not listen. But shortly after the emphasis, when the reminders have stopped, the work slows and stops. Growth demands regular repetition, both of reminders and of good, healthy Sunday School work. That's partly why regular (at least monthly) meetings of Sunday School leaders are needed. That is why teachers and other leaders have to keep important work continually in front of classes: enrolling, inviting, caring, fellowships, goals, and much more. Regular booster shots of growth principles and actions will be needed. Don't neglect the tool of repetition.
  • REWARD. In the article mentioned above, Josh Hunt reminds us: "The greatest management principle in the world is this: whatever gets rewarded, gets done." What are you trying to accomplish? What are the most essential actions for your class or Sunday School to grow? After you have focused the list and prioritized the items on it, take time to consider how to reward those actions necessary to achieve the results you desire. What can you do to encourage classes to birth new classes? What reward can you offer to encourage classes to enroll more people? What incentive can you give that will challenge classes to invite guests and minister to absentees? If you will reward good work, it will be more likely to get done and to continue--especially if the reward is enticing. Recognize individuals and classes who are exceeding goals. Give awards for good word. Gather your teachers and leaders and brainstorm action s and rewards. You may be surprised at the creativity of your group and the motivation this creates.
On which of these two tools do you need to focus most? What actions and encouragement do you need to repeat on a regular basis to reinforce good, holistic Sunday School work? Review Part 1 to consider the other two tools: invitations and food. How can you be creative in your repetition of these announcements and actions? What actions need to be rewarded in order to encourage them? What rewards could you offer that would reinforce the importance of these actions? Invite. Offer food. Repeat what is important. Reward actions you desire. Be revolutionary.

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