5 Goals for Sunday School This Year

Monday 4th January, 2016
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In a recent article on pastors.com entitled 5 Big Goals for Each New Year of Ministry, Rick shares 5 goals that could also be worthy goals for Sunday School this year. Why? Allow me to share them (in italics) as pointed toward Sunday School:
  1. ATTENDANCE.  We will increase our Sunday School attendance. We desire to gather more people to encounter God in His Word together. We desire to send them out from our classes to live obedient lives for Him as salt and light. Gathering together is a great means toward encouragement, correction, and growth. Make regular contacts with members and absentees. Share why attendance matters. Invite and enroll new members.
  2. CONNECTIONS. We will help attenders get better connected. An ember pulled out of a fire, goes out. The body of Christ needs each other. Those with friends in class tend to stay connected. Those without drop out. Classes should do everything in their power to strengthen connections through fellowship, projects, meals, and even class time.
  3. MATURITY. We will help our members grow in spiritual maturity. Our goal is more than knowledge. Our goal is spiritual progress of every member. That is all the more reason why attendance and connections are important.. How can you help each member take steps toward spiritual maturity this year, this month, this week? How can you help them to grow in their relationship with God and man? How can you help them grow in the fruit of the Spirit? How can you help them live obedient, Christ-like lives?
  4. MINISTRY AND LEADERS. We will deploy more people in ministry and develop more leaders. Every class can encourage members to have a place of service in the church and/or community. Enlist a class ministry leader to lead class members to find a place of service and ministry. Meet needs together. Invite class members to serve with you. Train them. Give them places of service in the class that will prepare them to make a difference in the church and world!
  5. GREAT COMMISSION. We will fulfill the Great Commission locally, globally, and cross-culturally. Make disciples of all nations. Classes can pursue projects in the community, nation, and world. Think Acts 1:8. Pray. Identify needs. Find areas of common passion and interest. Serve. Give. Go. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs. Serve together.

Wow, what a great set of goals! Prayerfully pursue these goals together this year. If these are your goals, what actions would help you achieve those goals? What deadlines need to be set? Who needs to lead the charge toward each of these goals? When will you gather to check on your progress and to adjust goals and plans as needed? Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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