Sixth Step Toward Sunday School Class Change: Ownership

Tuesday 8th June, 2010

In a series beginning with Steps Toward Sunday School Change, Part 1, I shared eight steps toward change: prayer, attention, evaluation, motivation, commitment, ownership, action, and repeat. I pointed out that leadership is the medium in which those steps are carried out. Without leadership, those steps will fail to be carried out.

In this series, I have applied each of those eight steps to the context of the Sunday School class pursuing a specific change: leading the class to shift focus to prospects and people not in the class. Most class change will be led by the teacher, but class change will benefit from involvement of others in the class besides the teacher. In other words, greater ownership for the change will help create motivation and momentum for the change.

In this blog post, I will consider how to get others in the class to "own" the change: focusing on prospects and people not in the class. Without ownership, there may be recognition of the need for change but no personal investment or willingness to act on the commitment. Without ownership previous steps toward the desired change may stall.  

What can be done to create ownership of the God-led Sunday School class change (focusing on prospects and people not in the class)? Let me list a few of the many possibilities:

  • get individuals and the group talking about the change;
  • paint the big picture--focus on the potential results;
  • ask group leaders what they think should happen;
  • talk about the actions that need to be taken to carry out the change--listen for responses and interest;
  • following prayer for God's guidance, enlist attenders to take leadership of specific aspects of the change;
  • brainstorm action plan steps--the more they talk out loud together about focusing on prospects, the more they are owning the change;
  • involve the class and leaders in making decisions;
  • ask expectant questions, "What needs to be done to focus on prospects and people not in the class?" and "What obstacles can we expect?";
  • be prepared to turn any questions/reservations into discussion about how to overcome obstacles;
  • and many, many more.
What ownership actions would you add to this list? How do you successfully lead your class to "own" needed change? How would they best "own" a focus on prospects and people not in the class? Press Comments below and share your ideas. Without the first five steps, ownership of the change our Lord desires for your class may not result. How can you lead toward ownership the change? Don't rush and head the wrong direction. Time for these steps is time well-spent.

What change does God desire for your class? Pray for the change. Give it attention. Stop to evaluate. Motivate attender to focus on the change. Lead others to commit and own the change. Listen to God. Follow His leadership. Help others to see the need for change and invite them to join as you gain their attention and their involvement in evaluation. Be revolutionary!

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