9 Disciple-Making Sunday School Early Moment Actions, Part 3

Monday 29th January, 2018
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In Part 1, I mentioned that too many disciple-making opportunities are missed in early moments of Sunday School lessons. I asked what can be done to fill these critical early moments with life-changing potential?

In this three-part series, in Part 1, I focused on expectation, early arrival, and teaching space preparation. In Part 2, I focused on fellowship, starting on time, and prayer. In Part 3, I will address capturing attention, reviewing previous lesson application, and previewing the day's lesson. Evaluate your opening moments in these three areas:
  • CAPTURING ATTENTION. How do you get minds in the room? How do you get minds off of the fight on the way to church, the grocery list, errands, the to do list for work, and so on? How do you get minds thinking about the lesson, scripture, and truth for the day? A question, story, a headline, or an activity is well-worth the time to grab attention and interest. Used as an icebreaker, this can lead to greater comfort in discussing even deeper topics late in the lesson.
  • REVIEWING PREVIOUS LESSON APPLICATION. Where is accountability to live out the truth of God's Word? Check on it weekly. Start by asking what last week's lesson was about, what the point/truth of the lesson was, and what they did as a result of the lesson. Asking what they did expresses expectation for living out the truth each week.
  • PREVIEWING TODAY'S LESSON. Take a couple minutes to tell them where the lesson is heading and why it is important. This can be another great way to capture attention and help them see that it is relevant. Doing so encourages them to pay attention.

These nine opening moment opportunities don't take a lot of class time, but are key for setting the stage and atmosphere for a disciple-making encounter in God's Word. Prepare for and lead these moments in your lessons. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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