A Dozen Sunday School Growth Barriers, Part 1

Friday 31st May, 2013

I have been thinking about barriers, obstacles, and challenges to Sunday School growth. Before reading further, I invite you to pause to consider issues your class or Sunday School may be encountering. In my experience, even growing churches face barriers. They frequently are able to find a way around or over the hurdle. So what are your hurdles? Make a list now.

I have begun my list. In no way do I consider it to be complete. Consider the following:

  • Apathy/spiritual immaturity/laziness
  • Busyness
  • Lack of leadership, vision, and planning for growth
  • Lack of knowledge/training
  • Inward focus
  • Conflicts
  • Lack of ownership
  • Turfism
  • Settling for the good rather than the best
  • Implosion of growth structure and span of care
  • False growth assumption due to aisle traffic
  • Lack of space
What would you add to the list? Press Comments below to share your list of barriers, obstacles, and challenges. In Part 2, I will expand on the first three in the list: (1) apathy/spiritual immaturity/laziness, (2) busyness, and (3) lack of leadership, vision, and planning. I hope to offer some simple strategies for moving beyond these barriers. Plan. Grow. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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