Why Are So Many Afraid of Change in Sunday School?

Friday 13th February, 2009

I realize that the world is swirling in change all around us. Travel has changed. Communication has changed. Technology has changed. Banking has changed. Transportation has changed. Our communities have changed. Our country has changed. The world has changed.

And for some people, they come to church wanting, desiring, hoping for something that stays the same. They enter our Sunday School classes with an expectation that the people will be the same, the format will be the same, the rooms will be the same, and the methods will be the same. When change, even small change, is introduced, some consider it to be the highest form of heresy.

Watch this video. Measure the attitudes expressed. Then hit the back button on your browser to return here.


Change is needed, necessary, essential! The world around us is separated from a loving God who sent His Son to save them from their sins--just like He did for us. Others cared enough about us to share Him with us. Our communities, country, and world need change. They need Him. And Sunday School is a great tool for helping us to carry out the work that God has given us, for helping us to share Him and His love.

Laugh at the video, but resist the temptation to give into the attitudes expressed in the video. Be willing to do whatever it takes to be obedient. Be willing to do whatever it takes to love people to Jesus. Be willing to change. Be revolutionary!

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