Attitudes That Cripple Sunday School Class Growth

Wednesday 23rd May, 2012

It would have been easy to have changed the word, "attitudes" in the title to "actions." I believe, however, that attitudes are the source of those actions, and the attitudes can be more subtle and therefore deadly. Consider the following list and check your attitudes and those of others in your class:

I DON'T NEED HELP. Few teachers can accomplish alone all the class work needed for growth: great teaching-learning, fellowship, reaching, ministering to needs, missions projects, and more. Besides that, the class, church, and Kingdom will benefit from "all hands on deck."

I DON'T NEED TRAINING. When we stop learning, we stop growing, teaching, and leading. The Lord and His bride, the church, deserve our best efforts. Training reminds of why we do things and challenges us to try new things.

I AM TOO BUSY. Each of us has the same 168 hours each week. The potential impact of Sunday School deserve prioritizing some of our time. At the same time, busyness also demands that we enlist some help within the class to carry out this important work because more needs to be done than only teaching.

I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOALS. Everything we do has some goal. Our work has goals, even if it is only to secure pay. Grocery shopping has the goal of bringing home needed food. The goal of Sunday School is to reach and make disciples of my assigned age group. In that effort, several actions deserve focus and specific goals can be helpful in motivating yourself and class members.

PLENTY ARE COMING. This is a sign of space or relationships that are full. It is inward focused. It is ignoring those who are not in class who are dying without Jesus or not growing as Christians. It may also be a sign of poor class organization.

THEY KNOW WHERE WE ARE. Thom Rainer discovered that 82% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to come to church if invited. Few come without invitation and it will likely take multiple invitations and expressions of our genuine care for them.

CLASS TIME'S TOO SHORT. Not everything has to be done on Sunday, but the investment of a few minutes in class growth actions makes a huge difference. Managing those few minutes well is, of course, key.

WE DON'T NEED GREETERS. Often when something is everyone's job, no one does it. Greeting members and first impressions with guests is important. Greeters are essential for leading the class in this effort.

WE DON'T KEEP RECORDS. Records of attendance along with member and prospect/guest contact information are essential for caring for each other and for reaching out. They help to focus immediate and ongoing care. A secretary is the key in keeping good records and notifying class leaders of the need for caring action.

These are but a few of the attitudes that make class growth challenging, difficult, or impossible. What attitude would you add to the list? Which one(s) listed are you and your class struggling with the most? What can you do to address this attitude in order to make growth more likely? Take steps this month. Reach and make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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