Attractive Sunday School Space

Monday 5th June, 2017
Image:Attractive Sunday School Space

Is your space attractive? Over the years, I have been in thousands of classrooms. I have seen space used in hallways, kitchens, and sanctuaries. I have seen some beautiful space that looked like it was never used. I have seen large and tiny spaces. I have seen piles and piles of clutter. I have seen wooden chairs, plastic chairs, metal chairs, and pews. Every time I think I have seen it all, I discover something new.

Think about a guest coming into your space. Would a guest find your space attractive? What are some attributes of space that contribute toward attractiveness? Consider the following:
  • right amount of space for the size of the group (too little space can be especially intimidating for new people, but too much space can make the group feel aloof)
  • comfortable temperature
  • no odors
  • clean and uncluttered (floor, walls, and furnishings)
  • nonglaring, unscuffed or marked paint
  • furnishings in good repair and the right amount (too many furnishings makes a room feel junky)
  • right amount of lighting (too much is intimidating, too little feels like a dungeon)
  • decorated appropriately for the expected audience (or audiences if used by multiple groups during the week)
  • unstained ceilings
  • orderly shelves and storage.

If these ten bullets are not descriptive of your space, it may not be attractive. What can you do to make it the most attractive possible? Do you need to talk to Trustees or a Property Committee about lighting, an odor, or paint? Do you need to clean up your space? Do you need to remove excess furnishings? Do you need to check if other space is available?

Do your best to prevent your space from becoming a stumbling block for guests or for learning. Assess your space. Improve where needed. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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