Barriers to Sunday School Growth

Monday 8th May, 2017
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Take a moment to jot down five contributing factors for your Sunday School not growing (or not growing like it could). What did you write? Which factor is the biggest one? Frequently the words of the Pogo comic from 1970 apply:  "We have met the enemy and he is us." (If you have not see the comic, go HERE.) What can you do this month, quarter, and year to address that barrier?

Some of the barriers you identified may be included in the following (in no particular order):
  • lack of prayer
  • lack of leadership
  • lack of a plan for leadership development
  • lack of vision, mission, and purpose
  • lack of goal setting and goals
  • lack of planning and accountability
  • lack of training
  • lack of new leaders
  • lack of new groups
  • stagnant spiritual growth by teachers and leaders
  • poor teaching skills and practices
  • lack of class involvement (in lessons and class ministry)
  • lack of member care, meeting needs, and contacts
  • lack of outreach and new members
  • lack of relationship development, fellowships, and projects
  • poor, inadequate, or insufficient space
  • poor or no organization
  • conflict
  • apathy
  • busyness
  • and many more.

I encourage you to go gather a team to go through your list or mine. Narrow the list down to the five factors having the most negative impact on growth. Then identify the top factor and lead your planning team to address it. Identify what can be done to overcome the barrier. Set goals. Assign them with deadlines. Calendar check up times to share about progress and adjust plans as needed.

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