Benefits of Sunday School

Thursday 1st May, 2014

There are many, many values or benefits of Sunday School. I have shared many of them over the last eight years. I invite you to STOP for a minute to list some of them. What did your list include? Press the Comments button below and share your list.

A friend asked me if I had developed a presentation about the values of Sunday School, and I responded to him that I include the benefits and values in nearly every presentation. Some of those include the following:

  • Evangelism: new classes reach 3 lost people (Ed Stetzer) and one out of three lost people in Sunday School accept Jesus within twelve months (Andy Anderson)
  • Assimilation: five years later, we will only be able to find 16% of those who join our churches but fail to get active in Sunday School; but we will still have 83% of those who get active in Sunday School
  • New Classes: on average, a new class enrolls 20 people with 10 in attendance within 12-18 months (fewer in smaller churches and more in larger churches)
  • Giving: we tend to reach people like us; they tend to give like us; a new class will tend to reach givers who give at a similar per capita to our current undesignated giving divided by our Sunday School attendance
  • Leaders: Sunday School produces leaders for the church when we expect teachers to surround themselves with workers (like outreach leaders and care leaders)--these leaders develop leadership and ministry skills in the smaller, safe environment of class ministry (by the way, leadership development is discipleship which mobilizes leaders into ministry for the Lord)
  • Discipleship: there are tons of great stats from the new Transformational Groups book (see Moving Sunday School Classes Toward Being Transformational Groups), but classes and groups really do make a difference in the discipleship of our people

Again, I can think of many more, but what would you add to the list? I look forward to hearing from you. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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