Can Food Lead to Growth Through the Sunday School?

Thursday 23rd April, 2009

There are so many ways that I have seen food used by Sunday School classes. Consider some of the following:

  • meals or dessert in homes,
  • meals, snacks, or dessert at class fellowships,
  • light breakfast before class,
  • class fellowship at a restaurant after church,
  • meeting at a coffee shop,
  • providing a prepared meal for needy people,
  • providing groceries for needy people,
  • give your teacher a restaurant gift card for teacher appreciation,
  • sharing a grocery gift card,
  • celebrating a birthday,
  • sending a get-well fruit basket,
  • and so, so many more!

When I look through and beyond the list, I can see four of the purposes of the church supported in the efforts surrounding the food: fellowship, discipleship, evangelism, and ministry. Involving people in hosting, planning, and carrying out the details of Sunday School efforts involving food can lead to connections, leadership development, and growth.

So I can see personal spiritual growth, growth in the relationships among the class, as well as numerical growth possibilities when food is involved. Did the food bring about the growth? No, but I believe growth was facilitated or made easier because of food. Food opens doors. Food relaxes people. Food breaks down barriers. Food involves more people in different ways.

I am not suggesting that food is a "magic pill" for Sunday School. Sunday School ministry must still be done well and right. But don't forget to add in regular doses of food to the fun, relationships, ministry, learning, and growth.

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