Challenge Your Adult Sunday School Members to Make New Year’s Resolutions

Sunday 21st December, 2008

In reality, at the beginning of the new year is not the only time Christians should be making commitments (resolutions) about serving God, each other, and others. Every day that we have private devotions or enjoy Sunday School and worship together is a time to make fresh commitments. But to make a commitment to God or others and not keep it is to break our promises or simply to lie.

In the effort to keep our commitments (to keep our promises/tell the truth), Christians should band together to "encourage one another," or hold one another accountable. Prayer/accountability partners can be helpful. Teachers can ask next week about commitments we make this week in class. In my personal experience, one practice that has helped over the years is keeping a spiritual journal in which I write about my encounter with God in Bible study and commitments made as a result. And why not band together as prayer/accountability partners and commit to journal? For additional ideas, check out How to Develop a Spiritual Journal.

Since we are approaching the beginning of a new year, what are some other commitments that you could challenge your adult attenders to make? A few months ago, I shared twelve ideal behaviors of adult Sunday School class members in two blog entries: Ideal Behaviors of an Adult Sunday School Member, Part 1 and Ideal Behaviors of an Adult Sunday School Member, Part 2. For a fuller explanation, read the two posts. Here I will simply share the twelve behaviors as possible areas for commitments (resolutions):

  • Have a daily quiet time to read the Bible and pray.
  • Read the lesson weekly.
  • Pray for and invite guests.
  • Share a Sunday School testimony with prospects.
  • Fellowship with class members and guests monthly.
  • Are willing to help a class friend in time of need.
  • Communicate with one or more class members weekly.
  • Participate honestly and openly in the lesson each week.
  • Serve in some way to strengthen the class, church, and Kingdom.
  • Seek to meet God in Bible study in class and daily quiet time.
  • Weekly live out the truth learned in Sunday School.
  • Support efforts to start new classes.
Obviously, there can be any number of personal, family, spiritual, ministry, and other life commitments that could be appropriate as well. What would happen if Christians began to seek God in prayer and Bible study daily? What if they desired to be obedient? What if that desire led them to seek accountability? What would happen in the lives of those Christians? Would the unchurched in the world around them see the difference?

Challenge your class to commit (resolve) to be the person God desires. Challenge them to take steps to keep their commitments this year. And as a Sunday School leader, you be the change you want to see in them! Be revolutionary!

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