What You Can Do to Make Sunday School Classes Feel (and Act) More Like Small Groups, Part 2

Saturday 10th January, 2009

As I stated in Part 1, there are advantages that Sunday School classes have to offer that small groups don't and advantages that small groups have to offer that Sunday School classes don't. But many of the best attributes of one should be present in some form in the other. So what can we do to bring some of the best ideas, perspectives, and practices of small groups into our Sunday School classes?

I read a great article by Alan Stoddard entitled How to Turn Your Sunday School Class into a Small Group. In the article, Stoddard shares nine ways you can make your classes feel more like small groups "when you can't make a shift to small groups." In Part 1, I shared the first five of his ten ways. In Part 2, I will share his final five ways in all capitals followed by my commentary:

How can you help your Sunday School class(es) to feel (and act) more like small groups? Look back over the list above. Review the four from Part 1. Which one(s) could you lead your class to begin implementing this month? Grow your class by making it feel and act smaller. Launch new small groups. Be revolutionary.

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