Congratulations to Disciple-Making Encounters Book Giveaway Winners

Wednesday 19th April, 2017
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On February 20, I launched a giveway for blog readers of my new book, Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School. The book is set to be released by, Aneko Press, and others on May 1. The deadline to enter was March 31.

So I want to announce the winners:
  • Al Magness
  • Ron Shepherd
  • Sandy Kiper
  • Lewis Frizzell
  • Eloise Walters
  • Richard Nations
  • Jon Sutton
  • Linda Crawford
  • Cheri Farmer
  • Ben Jennings
  • Judy Williams
  • Bobby Bragg
  • Cleveland King
  • Ralph Wood
  • Chris Fowler
  • Tony Jones
  • Dwight Moss
  • Beau Carpenter
  • Beau Bredow

Books have been shipped. Thanks for entering the giveaway. May God use the book to rekindle your relationship with Him as you lead others toward the same goal in your Sunday School.

Let me know what you like about the book. Share with me any adjustments the book leads you to make in your preparation and presentation of Bible study. After May 1, I would like to see lots of reviews on

If you would like to preorder the book, Aneko Press offers Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School for $10.49. For a case of the books at an even lower cost, contact Jeremiah Zeiset at Aneko Press. Amazon offers the print version of Disciple-Making Encounters for $14.99 or the Kindle version for $5.99.

Give God and His people your best effort. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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