Developing New Sunday School Teaching Habits

Monday 31st July, 2017
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Habits are usually developed over time. To become a habit, actions must be repeated. Some habits are chosen and others are encouraged (think brushing your teeth). Some habits are good, and others are bad. Consider this question: how do you establish good habits and end bad ones?

When you discover better ways to teach, how do you make sure they become part of your practice? How do you ensure they become a regular part of your preparation and presentation routine? How do you end bad practices and start better ones? Consider these ideas:
  • talk about the practice with a friend
  • practice the new behavior
  • set a goal with a deadline
  • write out a flexible weekly plan outline
  • ask someone to hold you accountable (to encourage your progress)
  • ask someone to help you with the new practice/behavior
  • make it a regular part of your preparation routine
  • introduce the new action to your class in small doses and watch for feedback
  • evaluate your experience and work toward improvement on the behavior.

From your experience, what ideas would you add to this list? Continue to learn. Continue to try new teaching preparation and presentation behaviors. Give God and His people in your care your best effort. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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