Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School

Monday 27th March, 2017
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ABOUT ME. I have been teaching, working with, and leading Sunday School since I was 19. I had the great privilege of serving on the staff of five great churches in Kentucky and South Carolina. For the last twenty years, it has been my joy to observe, consult with, and train leaders from 2,400 churches in Kentucky. Those experiences have enriched my life and my understanding of Sunday School. In addition, over the last eleven years, I have blogged about Sunday School in more than 1,250 posts. Those rich experiences have contributed much to my thinking and writing and have led to the writing of my book, Disciple-Making Encounters: Revolutionary Sunday School.

. Disciple-Making Encounters will be released on May 1. This is a book about the much needed change in how we prepare for Sunday School and the way we lead class time. The book focuses on two encounters: the teacher encountering God in His Word while preparing the lesson and the teacher leading the class to encounter God in His Word during class. These two encounters are life-impacting and disciple-making.

The book's chapters lead the reader through encounter, preparation, and presentation basics. They include the following:
PART ONE: The First Encounter

1.        Neglect of the First Encounter
2.        God's Word and the First Encounter
3.        Your Example Matters
4.        Seeking God in the First Encounter
PART TWO: Preparation from the First Encounter
1.        Revolutionary Preparation Essentials
2.        Planning the Second Encounter
3.        Planning for Increased Interest and Retention
4.        Second Encounter Learning Space
PART THREE: Second Encounter Early Moments
1.        Neglect of Opening Moments
2.        God's Word on Teaching
3.        Early Moment Opportunities
4.        Facilitate a Second Encounter
PART FOUR: Second Encounter Middle Moments
1.        Neglect of Second Encounter Middle Moments
2.        Transformational Second Encounter Middle Moments
3.        Second Encounter Middle Moment Challenges
PART FIVE: Second Encounter Closing Moments
1.        Neglect of Second Encounter Closing Moments
2.        Application Steps in the Closing Moments
3.        Change Practices in the Closing Moments
4.        Continue the Second Encounter

God and His people deserve our best efforts in preparing for and leading Bible study sessions. Since it is God who has the power to change lives, encounters are needed more than lessons. Our Lord calls us to be His disciples. Following Him requires relationship, time spent together, and obedience. Sunday School encounters with God in His Word can change us and the world!

If you would like to hear more about Disciple-Making Encounters, there are several things you can do.
  • Discuss. First, secure copies of the book. Gather a team to read and discuss it. I will be working on leadership material (PowerPoint presentations and handouts) to support your efforts. I already have a two-hour overview prepared (which I will gladly share), but I also want to work back through each of the five parts of the book.
  • Contact Me. If you would like me to share in person with your church, association, group, or event, contact me at darryl.wilson@kybaptist.org or 502.489.3341. We can even set up web conferences if that is more convenient.
  • Comment. Respond to this post by pressing Comments. Ask questions. Make comments. Let's start a conversation right here, right now. Your questions and comments can help others as we talk together.
  • Set up an Event. Study my book. Add to your expertise. Then share my passion and yours by setting up an event to train even more Sunday School leaders.

In all you do, make disciples. Be revolutionary! For more ideas about teaching, check out these posts:

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