Discipling Outcomes from Sunday School, Part 1

Thursday 5th July, 2012

In Question about Discipleship Outcomes from Sunday School, I asked these questions:

What are the discipling results we should expect from attenders (particularly adults) in our Sunday School classes? What should happen in their lives? How should they be different as the result? How should they be becoming more like Jesus? What should they be doing in the church, community, and world? What will others experience and see in their lives as a result of the discipling efforts that take place in and through Sunday School?

These are some heavy duty questions about Sunday School mindset and practice. I believe Sunday School has so much more potential impact than is currently being experienced in most lives, classes, churches, and communities. I want to share a few of the areas I have identified as expected discipling outcomes as a result of Sunday School. Consider the following:

  • biblical knowledge and understanding
  • Christian worldview
  • spiritual disciplines
  • obedience
  • life and behavior practices
  • spiritual gifts and church body practices
  • love of God, neighbor, and self
  • connection, community, and fellowship
  • leadership training
  • service
  • mission/ministry
  • inviting and sharing Jesus
  • tithing, stewardship, and money practices
  • leadership and organizational multiplication
I am unsure at the moment how long this series will be in order to address this list. And I remain open to additional thoughts and conversation about discipling outcomes from Sunday School. Press Comments below to add your thoughts. Let's give our Lord and His bride, the Church, our best efforts through Sunday School. Make disciples. Be revolutionary.

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