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Friday 26th June, 2009

Over the next week, I will be completing the writing of a book about Sunday School. During that time, I will be sharing favorite blog posts--those which have received the most hits (pageviews). We have reached the top ten. Here is the number five favorite! Enjoy!

How have you found Sunday School beneficial? Have you learned more about the Bible? Have you learned how to study your Bible and how to pray? Have you learned more about God, His will, His ways, and His purpose for your life? Have you learned how to be more loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and under self-control?

Have you found Sunday School beneficial because of helpful relationships? Have friends come to your aid in time of need--a birth, a death, a job loss, or a crisis? Have you seen class prayers for you answered? Have you found friends in Sunday School with whom you socialize and just have fun? Has your class become family?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have a Sunday School testimony. And that means you have a great tool to help you invite unchurched persons to Sunday School. Are you eating at a restaurant? When your waitress brings your appetizers or food, tell her you are going to pray for the food in just a minute and ask if there is any way you could pray for her. Listen well to her request, and then pray for her with your meal blessing. When she returns, you may be able to share how Sunday School helped you with a similar situation. Consider going door-to-door asking how you can pray for your neighbors. Some doors will close, but many relationships will begin because you cared enough to ask.

Personal, face-to-face invitations tend to have the most impact, but don't give up on handwritten cards and letters or phone calls. The formula for the number of times to invite someone is the number of times they say "no" plus one. Don't pester, but be lovingly persistent. Invite the individual to a class fellowship or ministry project. Invite the individual to come to a church activity. Invite the individual to have a meal in your home.

Your invitation to Sunday School will be even more meaningful to those with whom you have a longer, deeper relationship. When you share your Sunday School testimony and invite them to attend with you, they will be more likely to have confidence in you and your invitation. David Francis, Sunday School Director for LifeWay Christian Resources in Nashville, has several suggestions about your efforts to invite FRANs: friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors on pages 10-15 of his booklet (available for a free download), The 3D Sunday School: A Three Dimensional Strategy to Help Members and Leaders Fulfill the Great Commission (see the picture above).

Invite someone to Sunday School. Be revolutionary!

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