Favorite Post: Unique Names for Sunday School and for Sunday School Classes

Monday 2nd June, 2014
During my first year of The Sunday School Revolutionary, I wrote a blog entry entitled What to Name a New Adult Sunday School Class?. I did so because blog software showed me that many people were searching for names for new Sunday School classes. Since that time, many more people have repeated that search.

In What to Name a New Adult Sunday School Class?, I wrote the following:

Some churches and classes simply call the class by the age group or gender:  young adults, middle adults, men, women, singles, college & career, 30 something, 40 something, etc.  With multiple departments of adults, some call the classes by numbers and letters, such as Coed 2A. Sometimes the numbers run from youngest to oldest and sometimes vice versa.

I have seen classes named simply after the teacher, such as Ron's class or the Williams class. I have seen classes named after biblical characters such as David, Solomon, Peter, Paul, Mary, Martha, Lazarus, etc. I have seen classes named after missionaries of the past and present. Or how about the fruit of the Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control? Have you considered Greek words, like Agape, Koinonia, etc. There have been classes named after Saints of church history and even of those of that church.

Because of the varied experience of the thousands who have access The Sunday School Revolutionary since it began in the Spring of 2006, I want to ask for your help with two things.

  • First, because I want to share even more suggestions for names of new classes, I want to ask you to share some of the unique names for Sunday School classes in your Sunday School. Feel free to share the story/history behind the name, if there is one.
  • Second, because more and more churches are calling Sunday School by other names, what do you call it? I have heard many names like Adult Bible Fellowship to Bible Study to Life Groups and more. Again, if there is a story/history behind the name change, please share it.
Press the Comments button below to leave your names for classes and/or for Sunday School. And add this post to your favorites so you can check back to see how others have responded. I look forward to reading your Comments. For scores of ideas from reader, go back to read the Comments (bottom) of the original post: Unique Names for Sunday School and for Sunday School Classes.

My bottom line encouragement for you is to regularly start new classes. They tend to reach new people, reclaim dropouts, and mobilize more people into service. They tend to be more evangelistic and to do more ministry. New classes are needed in order to care for more people. Start new classes. Be revolutionary!

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