Free Online Sunday School Training on Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thursday 8th July, 2010
God has high expectations and deserves more than our leftovers. He deserves our best. He deserves our best focus, energy, and effort. He deserves our best preparation and execution of a lesson plan and class leadership.

The best Sunday School leaders are lifelong learners. They are observers of life. They are listeners. They are readers. And they are training junkies: they regularly participate in learning experiences. They want reminders that they are doing the right things. They want reminders about what they are not currently doing. And even though these leaders know that little of the training will be new, they want to learn that 10% as well.

What if I told you that one of the biggest, groundbreaking Sunday School training events on the planet was coming in three days? What if I told you it was free? What if I told you that you won't have to travel hundreds of miles? What if you could sit in the comfort of your home or church for this training event? Well, you can!

The setting for the live Sunday School webcast will be LifeWay's Ridgecrest Conference Center in North Carolina during Sunday School Week. Here are details of the webcast:

  • DATE: Sunday, July 11, 2010
  • TIME: 4:00-6:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • TOPIC: Great Expectations: Planting Seeds for Sunday School Growth (free download, or purchase the book for $1.50 here)
    • Allan Taylor (First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA): Expect classes to reproduce
    • Jeff Young (Prestonwood Baptist Church, TX): Expect people to attend
    • P.K. Spratt (Jersey Baptist Church, OH): Expect people to say yes
    • David Francis (LifeWay, Author): Question and Answer Time
  • SIGN UP:
  • PARTICIPATION GOAL: 20,000 online viewers
  • COST: Free
Here are some quotes from the book and some questions which may give you a snapshot of some topics covered in the live webcast:
  • "Sunday School may be suffering today from a low self-esteem because of these factors, which in turn may contribute to low expectations." (page 4)
  • "A Great Expectation Sunday School class knows it cannot afford any throw-away Sundays." (page 14)
  • "A definition of open enrollment means people can belong before they believe." (page 25)
  • Are all of your key church leaders (including your pastor) actively involved in a Sunday School class? If not, why not? Is the reason valid?
  • Share about a bad first-time experience in a Sunday School class? What made the experience bad?
  • Can you name some nonbelievers you are trying to reach for your class? What events or environments can you create which would be inviting to them? What would make nonbelievers feel welcome and part of your class?
Invite another teacher or Sunday School leader or member to watch the webcast and multiply the learning. Debrief when it has concluded. Look for the top three practical ideas that you need to begin for your class or Sunday School. Then prioritize them. Which is most important? Which is next. Then commit to each other not to settle for mediocrity. Give God your best effort. Be revolutionary!

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