Getting to Know My Sunday School Group

Monday 22nd August, 2016
Image:Getting to Know My Sunday School Group

Teacher, whether you have been serving for years or are just starting, investment in relationships is important. Teaching and care are strengthened when you invest well in getting to know your attenders beyond group time. While doing so takes time, it does not have to overwhelm your schedule and it will pay dividends.

Where do I start? Consider some of the following ideas. Use as many of them as possible to enrich your knowledge of your group and deepen your relationships with them.
  • Add members' birthdates to your calendar. Make a 2 minute call that day.
  • Add married members' anniversaries to your calendar. Send a text or email to them that day.
  • Have a group fellowship or project every 6 weeks. Intentionally spend time during the fellowship with 2-3 different people.
  • Visit 1-2 members each month in their homes, at work, or over a meal (maybe lunch).
  • Add group members to each day of your monthly calendar. Repeat as necessary. Pray for the member on that day. Send a text that day asking how you can pray for him/her.
  • Arrive early for class. Spend a few minutes visiting with a different group member each week.
  • If possible, hang around for a few minutes after class. Walk with a group member to worship. Ask about life, work, and prayer requests.
  • Sit with a different group member in worship. You can chat before/after and enjoy worshiping together.
  • Arrange to meet 15 minutes early before Sunday or Wednesday evening church activities. Ask questions and listen.

This list does not have to require tons of time. But the results will greatly enrich your leadership as teacher. Print out this blog post. Highlight three that you want to work on over the next quarter. Connect. Fellowship. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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