Give Away of 100 SMALL Sunday School Changes

Monday 14th August, 2017
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In the Foreword of this book, David Francis, says:

Sunday School is a system. It’s a bunch of things—big and small—that make a Sunday School excellent instead of mediocre. Each relates to another and that to another and so on and so on. So what if every little thing you improved resulted in just one more person coming to Sunday School, coming back to Sunday School, enrolling in Sunday School, attending regularly in Sunday School, serving in Sunday School, and inviting another to Sunday School? Each of the 100 ideas you’ll read about in the book may seem inconsequential taken alone. But put 50 or 60 or 70 or 80 into practice and see what happens!

The book is divided into ten parts: teaching and learning, evangelism and reaching out, enrolling new people, caring for members, enlisting leaders, mobilizing the class of mission, leader development, making disciples, using classroom space well, and administering the class well. The 100 SMALL Changes articles came from the Sunday School Leader blog and were written by Sunday School champions across the country.

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