Grabbing Interest in Sunday School

Monday 20th November, 2017
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How do you get learners' attention? How do you get their minds in the room? How do you get them to stop thinking about the fight on the way to church, the grocery list, the errands for the week ahead, or the to do list for work? How do you get them thinking about God, His Word, and the lesson and truth for the day?

If you fail here, it may take them fifteen minutes to join you mentally and emotionally. If you fail here, they may not understand the scripture, its context, or its relevance to their lives. If you fail here, the time may be a wash, a waste.

So what can we do to capture attention and grab their interest? Good curriculum will offer many options. Consider the following list for a few ideas:
  • as they enter, ask them a question or give them an assignment to complete before they are seated,
  • pass out an assignment on an index card as they enter or in their chairs,
  • write a question on the board,
  • tell a story,
  • read a headline or news story,
  • get them into small groups to discuss a question, scenario, or issue,
  • rearrange the room,
  • show a movie clip,
  • bring in a guest speaker,
  • enlist someone to share a monologue or act out a drama,
  • give them an art project assignment,
  • and more.

Don't just get attention. Grab it. Don't just get them talking. Direct the talking. Don't just get them thinking. Get them thinking about God, His Word, and His will for them. Don't waste opening moments of another class. Use them for Him! Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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