Halfway Decent Sunday School

Monday 7th November, 2016
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The title of this post is a nodding reference to Josh Hunt's book, You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less. On page 24, he begins a section entitled, "Teach a halfway decent lesson each and every week--nothing less will do." There he is not advocating for mediocrity and laziness in preparation and presentation. Rather he is encouraging every teacher to do his/her best consistently. I regularly encourage giving our best to God and His people.

But this post is about more than teaching. This is about the whole package, the entire ministry potential of Sunday School. Will you allow me to ask three questions? Would you honestly answer them--between you and the Lord?
  • Is the Bible teaching-learning experience of your Sunday School (or class) at least halfway decent?
  • Is the member care of your Sunday School (or class) at least halfway decent?
  • Is the outreach of your Sunday School (or class) at least halfway decent?

Sometimes Sunday School suffers because the leader tries (and fails) to do all of the work of the Sunday School (class) alone. Too frequently Sunday School suffers because one or more of the three questions are answered negatively.

Here is my experience. With poor teaching, Sunday School will never grow. With poor member care, the class will usually lose people faster than they can gain new members. With poor outreach, the class will never grow. In other words, Sunday School needs all three questions to be answered positively.

Be honest now. Score your Sunday School or your class. Respond with 1 meaning your group does nothing in this area each month, and 10 meaning your group is effective in this area each month.
Member care

In which area do you need your Sunday School (class) to improve this year? Will you lead the charge to give God your best? Will you enlist a team to help ensure that each of these three areas are done at least halfway decently? Pray. Plan. Improve. Adjust. Celebrate. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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