Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach In High Attendance Sunday Pilot Project

Saturday 21st February, 2009

I am grateful for the Directors of Missions in Nelson and Warren Associations along with their churches, pastors, Sunday School directors, and teachers for their willingness to pilot Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Out High Attendance Sunday on March 22, 2009. Stan, Jeff, and I are praying for what God is going to do. I am anticipating a great time of prayerful preparation leading up to people prayed and cared for, invited, and attending in large numbers.

For more information about the pilot project, check out this website: I look forward to the feedback these associational and church leaders will share with me in preparation for a statewide High Attendance Sunday in the Spring of 2010. Imagine what could happen if 2,400 churches were praying together, reaching out, caring, and inviting at the same time!

I have talked about high attendance Sunday before in these blog posts:

What suggestions would you offer to a new Sunday School director who wants to lead his/her Sunday School to have their first high attendance Sunday ever (or in a long time)? What benefits have you seen from a high attendance day in Sunday School? How long in advance should preparation start? What are some essential elements for success? What is the best way to increase involvement and buy-in? Who should set the goal(s)? How big should the goal(s) be? Share your answers to these questions by pressing the Comments button below. Pray. Plan. Set goals. Reach up. Reach in. Reach out. Celebrate what God does! Be revolutionary!

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