Improve Sunday School Through Evaluation

Thursday 25th September, 2008

Over the years, I have written about the importance of evaluation dozens of times. I have offered many suggestions of methods for evaluation. I have offered scores of questions which can help in evaluating the Sunday School as a whole and as a class. I thought it might be helpful to pull some of them together into one place.

I have divided the posts into four categories: general, class, pastor/director, and teacher. I have not included all of the parts of some series even though some of the other parts could help (the list was so long). Here are the posts about evaluation that I have included:


CLASS EVALUATION: TEACHER EVALUATION: PASTOR/DIRECTOR EVALUATION: What would you add to the list that has not been covered? Have you developed a set of questions that helps you evaluate some aspect of Sunday School? Press the Comments button below to share your additions, experiences, or ideas. Let's improve Sunday School through evaluation and making needed adjustments. Let's give God our best efforts. Be revolutionary!

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