Job Description: Basic Sunday School Growth Team

Monday 4th February, 2013

This evaluation, planning, and leadership team includes the following leaders:

  • pastor,
  • other church staff with Sunday School responsibilities,
  • Sunday School director,
  • Sunday School secretary,
  • Sunday School outreach leader, and
  • representatives of age groups: preschool, children, youth, and adult.
An expanded team may include other leaders: all teachers, greeters, teaching improvement, care, and more. In small churches, the age group representatives may be teachers. In larger churches, they may be department or age division leaders.

In most cases it will be helpful to keep the growth team under ten people. This will make planning faster, but provision will need to be made for seeking input on, ownership of, and help with plans.

What would be the major duties of this growth team? Consider the following (feel free to customize the list):

  • meet together annually to evaluate progress, make adjustments, set goals, and make plans for Sunday School growth (discipleship, numerical, and missional);
  • calendar dates for emphases and events which support the goals and plans for growth;
  • meet together monthly to evaluate progress and make adjustments to plans for Sunday School growth;
  • communicate goals, plans, vision, and message of Sunday School to other leaders and the church;
  • provide encouragement, support, and direction for Sunday School leaders, including enlistment and training; and
  • carry out effective growth plans, working with other church teams as needed (such as nominating, finance, facilities, and more).
What would you add to this list? Press Comments below and share (1) who your team includes, (2) how often you meet, and (3) what the team's responsibilities include. In the next post, I will share a job description for the Sunday School director.

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