Job Description: Sunday School Class Outreach Leader

Monday 18th September, 2017
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Leadership of class outreach efforts is essential to health and growth. Similarly, a job description for a class outreach leader is essential for encouragement and effectiveness. I offer a suggested job description and encourage customization. What are critical duties of a class outreach leader? Consider the following:

  • Pray: pray for the class people group assignment; for lost and unenrolled people; and for class actions to identify, care for, and reach lost and unenrolled people.
  • Develop a prospect care list: ask for names of friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors in your people group assignment who are lost or not enrolled in a class; determine a plan to pray for and contact prospects 2-4 times monthly; and update the list regularly.
  • Plan and invite prospects to fellowships and projects: plan one of each every quarter; make the event fun and easy to get acquainted; before the event ends, invite everyone to class.
  • Make consistent caring visits and phone calls with prospects: call/visit prospects; follow up on previous prayer requests; share class plans for lessons, fellowship, and projects; ask how you can pray for the prospect and his/her family; pray together; and report nonconfidential requests.
  • Send electronic reminders about class plans: to support caring contacts and class plans, communicate by email, text, and social media.
  • Enlist class greeters to ensure positive first impressions: welcome members and guests, register guests, encourage name tag use, sit with and introduce guests, and follow up with guests.
  • Invite prospects and guests to enroll: ask them if you can add them to the class care list for prayer, ministry, and fellowships; set a God-sized goal for new class members.
  • Offer testimony practice: lead members once a month to write it out, share it in pairs, share it with family, and then share it with prospects along life's path.

This valuable class team member leads the class to point outward. The class outreach leader is a cheerleader for prayer and care focused on lost and unenrolled people. Without new members, every class dies. This team member cannot be successful alone; class involvement is vital. For more ideas about outreach, check out these posts:

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