Job Description: Sunday School Class Secretary

Monday 11th March, 2013


When Sunday School leaders have job descriptions, they will tend to understand their job, expectations, and how to complete assignments successfully. Without a job description, a class secretary will tend to do what he/she has seen done previously or what was explained when enlisted. The task is important so enlist with a job description.

He or she is more than simply a counter of people present. Consider the following responsibilities for the class secretary:

  • maintain class records and prepare reports including enrollment, contact information, attendance, prospect contact information, and prospect contact results (detailed below);
  • track progress toward class goals;
  • request and disburse curriculum, resources, and supplies;
  • serve as a part of the class leadership team (detailed below); and
  • train an apprentice class secretary to cover for absences and prepare for another class start.
What can a class secretary contribute through maintaining class records and preparing reports?
  • track member attendance and any change;
  • receive weekly written reports of care group leaders about status of group members and prospects;
  • assign prospects and new class members to care group leaders/maintain updated care group assignment lists;
  • update individual member and prospect contact information (phone, address, e-mail) regularly; and
  • share reports of class progress on goals with class and/or Sunday School director as requested by teacher or other class leaders.
How can a class secretary contribute to monthly class leadership team meetings?
  • report on changing attendance patterns of individual class members;
  • list of members/absentees needing additional contact and/or ministry gathered from care group leader and member reports;
  • progress toward class attendance, enrollment, and contact goals;
  • report on status of individuals on the class prospect list;
  • attendance pattern versus space/chairs available;
  • projected need for additional curriculum, chairs, or space; and
  • need for additional care group leaders due to class growth.

This valuable team member can help the class maintain care for members at a high level while assisting the class to reach out to prospects. Keep good records. Care for members and prospects. Make disciples. Be revolutionary! For more ideas about the work of the class secretary, check out the following blog posts:

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