Key Actions for Sunday School Class Growth, Part 4

Tuesday 7th April, 2009

In Part 1 I mentioned that most teachers start a new class with a desire for the class to grow and for others to experience great teaching and relationships. Before long, busyness fills a teacher's time leaving little for class growth activities beyond preparation for another lesson. Revolutionary leaders prioritize growth actions. This five-part series addresses key actions which contribute to class growth.

What are some of the actions necessary for Sunday School class growth? In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, nine actions have been shared: reaching out, reaching in, meeting needs, leading, keeping good records, following up, adding worshipers to the prospect list, setting and pursuing goals, and involving everyone. In Part 3, we will look at consider three more actions:

Evaluate your class. Which of these three is best done by your class and which needs strengthening? What can you do this week to take steps toward improving the area in need of strengthening? Who can help you with that key action? Review Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 to consider the nine previous key actions. In Part 5, we will look at the final three key actions: training an apprentice and starting a new class; positively handling conflict; and praying together. Fellowship. Do projects. Pray. Prepare and teach well. Provide space, furnishings, and equipment. Grow. Be revolutionary!

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