Making Disciples Through the Sunday School

Friday 27th March, 2009

Tomorrow will make the fifth day this week that I have led Sunday School conferences. I have been in the Kentucky cities of Crittenden, Lexington, Owensboro, and Louisville. The first three events were Launch One events designed to help pastors and Sunday School teams plan their strategies for launching new teachers and a new groups at and away from the church. The event for today and tomorrow is the National Sunday School Director Seminar.

While each of the conferences thus far have focused at least a small part on starting new classes and groups, the importance of pursuing life-change has also been high on my attention. The church needs disciples who are able to disciple others, and Sunday School has a significant role to play in discipling. If possible, I want to challenge you to stop long enough right now to write down five different ways that Sunday School contributes to making disciples. Then I will share a few that come to my mind.

With your list in mind, look over my list below. Feel free to press the Comments button below to leave your comments of additional discipleship methods which should be added to my list. Here is the list:

  • regularly teaching God's Word,
  • praying together,
  • helping learners understand how to study God's Word on their own,
  • helping learners understand how to pray on their own,
  • leading learners to apply God's truth to their lives,
  • holding learners accountable to live out the truth,
  • teachers studying the lesson in order to teach,
  • teachers making assignments to attenders,
  • teachers apprenticing new teachers,
  • challenging attenders to share their testimony and their faith,
  • leading the class to participate in ministry, outreach, and mission projects,
  • encouraging families to invest in regular family devotional times,
  • encouraging learners to read the Bible through,
  • and so many more!

What in the list had you not thought about as a contribution that Sunday School makes to discipling? What step can you take to strengthen your discipling efforts through the Sunday School? What needs to be added to the list? Start a conversation by leaving your Comments below. Pray. Go after the people. Invest in them. Teach the disciples to disciple others. Be revolutionary!

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