Missions Project Ideas for Taking Sunday School Ministry Beyond the Classroom Walls

Monday 23rd February, 2009

There are so many reasons why it is important that Sunday School classes participate in missions, ministry, service, and outreach projects. Many reasons are obvious, and others are important and essential but less recognized. Consider some of the following reasons:

  • people need help
  • our members have a need to give and help others
  • people need the Lord
  • our members have a need to share His love with others
  • we realize the needs of people in our community and world when we serve
  • we learn more about each other when we serve together
  • God desires to use our abilities in service to fulfill the needs of others
  • when we use our gifts and abilities in service, we are fulfilled
  • when we are faithful to trust Him, follow His leadership, and touch "the least of these," we are doing it unto Him
  • and the list goes on and on!
Without a doubt, projects enable classes to reach up, reach out, and reach in. Our connection with God is strengthened as is our connection with those outside our churches and those in our classes. Our relationships grow as we pray, plan, and carry out those plans to serve.

There are hundreds of ways classes can take Sunday School ministry beyond the walls of the classroom. My thoughts returned to this subject last week when Tim Gibson, Minister of Education/Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church in Russell, Kentucky, asked about churches that are doing community missions projects. I passed his e-mail along to a group of Ministers of Education. Doug Hamblin who serves as Pastor of Education and Administration at Zion Baptist Church in Henderson replied to Tim's question with a list of ways Sunday School classes are involved in missions projects. Here is the list he shared:

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