One Simple Step to Deepen Sunday School

Monday 31st October, 2016
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What if one action could greatly enrich the Bible study experience? What if that step made discussion come alive? What if it raised interest? What if it resulted in members who continued learning beyond group time? What if the one step resulted in disciple growth? Would you be willing to give that simple step some attention?

There are many steps that can be taken to help reach those results. But here is the one simple step needed to deepen Sunday School:


How could you encourage group members to move in that direction? Lead your group to do this every week. Consider some of these ideas:
  • ask them to read the scripture and look for an answer to one (or more) question(s)
  • give each person a different assignment
  • ask one-third to read the scripture, one-third to answer a question, one-third to study some background
  • assign one or more verse(s) to each person
  • share a Bible study tool website and assign members one word or phrase to research and report
  • ask the group to draw something representing the truth of a verse and be prepared to explain it.

What could you do after group time to continue the learning? How could you help them apply the truth to their lives? Combined with helping them to prepare for group time by meeting God in Bible study, continuing the learning helps the group move toward application and obedience. Make disciples. Be revolutionary!

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