What Happens When a Pastor Invests Time and Leadership in Sunday School?

Wednesday 17th December, 2008

Pastors are busy people. The majority of them are bivocational. Schedules are full. Priorities are hard to balance. Pastors are pulled in so many different directions by so many people in the church and community. They also have family and personal needs which demand attention.

That is why so many have abdicated responsibility for and involvement in Sunday School. It is not that pastors believe Sunday School is unimportant. It has just not been a high enough priority to demand  time and attention. In fact, yesterday I consulted with a pastor who asked me to help him thinking through launching a small group ministry. He was thinking through stopping Sunday School completely. In the process of our time together, he realized why Sunday School was in the shape it was. Since the last Sunday School director resigned 18 months ago, no one has been leading Sunday School. In fact, he realized that the problem was that he was not leading it.

Pastor, what if I could suggest a small investment of time each week that would help reduce your other load? What if you could strengthen your assimilation and outreach; support the discipling efforts; keep leaders from quitting; and mobilize others to minister to people in need? ? What if you were able to accomplish these essential tasks and even more in only 1-2 hours each week? Would you schedule that appointment?

Here's how it can be done to produce that fruit and more: (1) enlist and regularly meet with a Sunday School director or (2) if the absence of a director invest time personally every week in the Sunday School. When you have a director, your time spent helping him/her focus Sunday School efforts is valuable. Check on progress and make plans together. Your one-hour weekly meeting can produce hours of impact as the director carries out the work.

Other ways you can invest another hour of your time and leadership in Sunday School that can have significant impact:

Pastor, your investment in Sunday School will bear fruit beyond the time it takes. Your ministry will be strengthened. Leaders will be more effective and continue serving. Assimilation, outreach, and discipleship efforts will improve. It will take less time to deal with recurring problems. Your leadership and a little of your time is needed. Invest it in your director and in Sunday School. Be revolutionary!

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