REACH Sunday School High Attendance Day Reports

Monday 19th April, 2010

Churches across Kentucky have been praying, sharing gospel information door-to-door, and awaiting the harvest. Find It Here commercials have aired on many stations at many different times of day, including prime time. Early reports indicate 2,783 responses (decisions), including more than 500 people who have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord. Many churches experienced an exciting spike in attendance on Easter Sunday in worship, registering many guests who responded as a result of Find It Here efforts.

Now is the time for follow up. Sunday School is an ideal ministry to enable the church to pray for, pursue, and care for prospects and those who take first steps. That is why REACH Sunday School high attendance day was planned. It was a day to prepare and organize the Sunday School to pray, reach out, care, fellowship, and prepare to have more in Sunday School attendance on April 18, 2010.

Now is the time to share your stories of the day. Press Comments below and share what God did on REACH Sunday. How many guests joined you? What classes did a great job? How many absentees and drop outs came back? What is your average weekly attendance and how many did you have on REACH Sunday? What decisions were made? What great fellowships occurred? What happened during prayer and preparation time that should be shared?

Give God the praise He deserves. Affirm your people for their work. Celebrate attendance, decisions made, and lives changed. Press Comments and share your experiences.

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