Reasons to Support Small Groups, Part 1

Monday 2nd March, 2009

Over the last three years, I have written many posts about small groups. While there are many expressions of small groups and Sunday School is only one of them, I tend to refer to Bible study groups that meet away from the church on another day than Sunday. There are many reasons to support small group Bible study.

I recently received an e-newsletter from pastor Craig Groeschel of In the newsletter, nine reasons to support small groups are shared. It is worded as "I still love small groups because." Allow me to share the nine reasons. In Part 1, I will share in all capitals the first four reasons to support small groups followed by my commentary:

In Part 2, I will share the final five reasons given in the e-newsletter to support small groups. Does your church have small groups? What are reasons you have found to support small groups? About which of these reasons do your leaders need reminders about the value of small groups? Make plans to use Sunday School and small groups as tools to carry out the Great Commission. Be revolutionary!

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